Voice actress: Aiko Ōkubo

Shūtai Yōhei

Loyal, reliable and sharp-tongued, she is serious to a fault and pure of spirit.
With her longsword, Soul Cutter, on her back, she cuts her way inside the enemy's attack zone.
She likes cats so much that she refers to them as "Master Kitties."


Special Move

  • Kunai Shot
  • A or B or C Follow up with
    A or B or C

  • Swift Slash
  • A or B or C

  • Whirling Slash
  • Close range
  • A or B or C

Special Technique

  • Revenging Blade
  • After slash attack
  • A or B or C


  • Dark Night Run
  • D


  • Mighty Crush
  • B C