Koihime Enbu v1.05 now live!

We are happy to announce the latest version of Koihime Enbu v1.05 that fixes: *Desyncing at the character select screen *Spectators causing lag and/or a match to end due to connection errors *Long waits while syncing followed by loss of connection This, in addition to the previous update which addressed room stability.

Koihime Enbu at AnimEvo 2017

Koihime Enbu was at AnimEvo in Las Vegas this weekend! Degica Games sponsored a tournament and the winners got some Koihime swag to take home.

Top 8 Tournament footage

Final Results

Thanks as always to our MC and Koihime Enbu expert Brett for coordinating the event, and congratulations to the winners!

Tournament beta released, new open beta available

Hi everyone!

First, many thanks to Brett and everyone that joined us at Anime Expo! The tournament was very exciting and everyone had a lot of fun!

Also thanks to everyone who participated in the June 25th tournament, that version performed well enough to be the new default for all players, so it has been pushed live already. However, some networking issues remained. We've been hard at work on them and are happy to put out a new beta for you all that should now have all netcode issues resolved.

Please try it out with your friends and let us know how it performs.

This version is an opt-in beta: to enable it follow the following directions:

  • In Steam Library, right click on Koihime Enbu in your game list
  • Open the "Properties" menu and navigate to the "Betas" tab
  • From the dropdown choose the "open_beta" beta
  • Closing the properties menu, Steam should update your game
  • After update it will show up as "Koihime Enbu [open_beta]"

Hopefully there should be no problems, but please report any issue you find in the open_beta report thread on Steam.

Thank you!

Koihime Enbu beta tournament

A lot is happening with Koihime Enbu! New website, a permanent price drop, English PS4 coming soon, an update to the PC version, and a tournament!

Tournament Signup

In this special tournament, we will be testing an update that will fix the lobby issues.
The Tournament is open to all, and will be streamed on the Degica Games Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/degigames with commentary by our host and Koihime pro player, Brett (@HellaBrett on Twitter)! Sign up and be prepared to fight your way to the top on Thursday, June 25th, at 5pm Pacific (June 26th, 9am Japan)!
Steam news

Rule set: Double Elimination, best 2/3 in the first round, then best 3/5 in the Winner, Loser, and Grand Finals brackets). Please use twitch chat to communicate with your opponent.

1st - THREE Degica titles of your choice!
2nd -TWO Degica titles of your choice!
3rd - ONE Degica title of your choice!

Signup here: Signup page

Koihime Enbu price changed to $19.99

We are happy to announce the price of Koihime Enbu on Steam was changed from $39.99 to $19.99.

Koihime Enbu: Official English site open !

We're happy to open the definitive site for all your Koihime Enbu resources !